About Me

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am working with the Distributed Protocols Research Group under the guidance of Prof. Indranil Gupta. Before joining Illinois, I got a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Seoul National University. My research interests are primarily in Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

AUG 2016 - Present
Ph.D. in Computer Science

Seoul National University

MAR 2008 - FEB 2016
B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, summa cum laude

The University of Texas at Austin

JAN 2015 - MAY 2015
Undergraduate Exchange Student in Computer Science

Research Experiences

Graduate Research Assistant

AUG 2016 - Present
Distributed Protocols Research Group, UIUC, Urbana, IL

Undergraduate Research Intern

JUL 2015 - JUN 2016
Cloud and Mobile Systems Lab, Seoul National University, Seoul

Undergraduate Research Intern

SEP 2014 - DEC 2014
Database Systems Lab, Seoul National University, Seoul

Work Experiences

Research Intern

JUN 2018 - AUG 2018
Nokia Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ

Software Engineering Intern

MAY 2018 - AUG 2018
Google, Kirkland, WA

Software Engineering Intern

MAY 2017 - AUG 2017
Google, Mountain View, CA


JAN 2011 - DEC 2013
Somansa, Seoul


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  2. Byung-Gon Chun, Tyson Condie, Yingda Chen, Brian Cho, Andrew Chung, Carlo Curino, Chris Douglas, Matteo Interlandi, Beomyeol Jeon, Joo Seong Jeong, Gye-Won Lee, Yunseong Lee, Tony Majestro, Dahlia Malkhi, Sergiy Matusevych, Brandon Myers, Mariia Mykhailova, Shravan Narayanamurthy, Joseph Noor, Raghu Ramakrishnan, Sriram Rao, Russell Sears, Beysim Sezgin, Tae-Geon Um, Julia Wang, Markus Weimer, Youngseok Yang. Apache REEF: Retainable Evaluator Execution Framework. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS), Volumne 35 Issue 2, October 2017 [link].
  3. Byung-Gon Chun, Brian Cho, Beomyeol Jeon, Joo Seong Jeong, Gunhee Kim, Joo Yeon Kim, Woo-Yeon Lee, Yun Seong Lee, Markus Weimer, Gyeong-In Yu. Dolphin: Runtime Optimization for Distributed Machine Learning. ICML ML Sys ’16 workshop, June 2016 [pdf]

Awards & Honors

The National Scholarship for Science and Engineering
2008 - 2010, 2014, 2015
Outgoing Exchange Student Program Scholarship